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导读:口译笔记符号大汇总(超全整理版,方便直接背诵),口译笔记符号大汇总 一. 地名简写 原词 Korea Switzerland the Republic of Korea(南朝鲜) K SW ROK “K” 速记符号 Sweden 东西南北中等方位 the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(北朝鲜) Eastern Germany


口译笔记符号大汇总 一. 地名简写 原词 Korea Switzerland the Republic of Korea(南朝鲜) K SW ROK “K” 速记符号 Sweden 东西南北中等方位 the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(北朝鲜) Eastern Germany (东 德) 二. 货币简写 原词 Sterling/pound Renminbi/RMB Austrian schillings Eurodollar Japanese yen 三.时间简写 原词 hour second afternoon today the day before yesterday the day after tomorrow last night this week Monday Wednesday hr ’’ a d ”d d’ ’ ’n w 1w 3w 速记符号 minute morning evening/night/tonight yesterday tomorrow day by day/everyday next morning the week before last Tuesday Thursday 原词 ’ m n .d d’ dd m’ ”w 2w 4w 速记符号 £ ¥ Sch € 円 速记符号 原词 US dollar Australian dollars Canadian dollars New Zealand dollars $ #A Can$ NZ$ 速记符号 “G|” Western Europe(西 欧) “|EU” 原词 SD “|-” DPRK “_K” 速记符号1

Friday Sunday January March May July September November two month ago two year later 1949 年后 20 年以后 since/ever since 四.度量衡 原词 meter centimeter minimeter mile nautical mile 五. 缩略词 原词 Apartment According Advertisement aircraft Advice as soon as possible are5w 7w 1m 3m 5m 7m 9m 11m .2m y2. 49/ 20y| ┠Saturday this month February April June August October December this year 1949 年前 1949 年底 century uo to now/ until6w m 2m 4m 6m 8m 10m 12dm y /49 49 C ┫速记符号 m cm mm mi nm inch foot knot acre原词 in. ft kt A速记符号速记符号 APT ACDG AD AC ADV ASAP R Accountant Accept Address at least Approve原词速记符号 ACC ACPT ADS AL APV AMAP AMT2As much/many as possible Amount

Building Cancel carbon copy Conform Complete Condition Compete/competitive Company Discount Extent Explain Final For your reference Guarantee Home office Information I owe you In view of insurance Individual Market Message Model No later than Ordinary Obtain Patent Please PieceBLDG CNCL cc CFM CMP COND CMPE CO. DISC EXT EXPLN FNT FYR GUAR H.O. INFO IOU IVO INS INDIV MKT MSG MDL NLT ORD OBT PAT PLS PCBalance Conference care of Commission Concern/concerning/concerned Communication Certificate Departure Department Exchange Extra large Flight Freight Good Interested important In stead of Include Impossible Minimum Manufacture manager Memorandum Necessary Observe Product Packing People PositionBAL CNF c/o CMI CONC CMU CERT DPT DEPT EXCH XL FLT FRT GD INTST IMP I/O IINCD IMPS MIN MANUF MGR MEMO NCRY OBS PROD PKG PL POSN3

Possible Quality Regular Reservation Responsible Reference Standard Though Thanks Trade Temporary Total Your WeekPOSS(BL) QLTY REGL RESN RESPON REF STD THO TKS TRD TEMP TTL UR WKQuantity room Representative Repeat receive Situation Section TGM Telephone through Traffic You Will WeightQUTY RM REP RPT RCV SITN SEC Telegraph TEL THRU TRF U WL WT六.较长单词的处理办法 词尾 -ism -tion -cian -ing -ed -able/ible/ble -ment -ize -ful m n o g d bl mt z fl 七.字母、图像、符号 原词 people/person 人 Government/govern 速记符号 o右上角 C 政府 原词 Janpanese 日本人 Governmental official JPo CZ4缩写 socialism原词 Sm stdn techo MKTg acptd avbl amdmt regz mnfl速记符号standardization (标准化) technician marketing (市场营销) accepted available amendment recognize meaningful速记符号

Politics/political Efficient/effective victory,/win/success agriculture/agriculture conflict/confrontation industry/industrial bilateral(双边的) Unilateralism(单边主义) 谈判破裂 Import 进口 chair/ host/preside over contact, exchanges: head of government/ companyP 政治 G 效率 V 胜利 A 农业 C×冲突/矛盾 i 工业 U 内填入 2 U 内填入 1 U 上加一个“/” gO Z 主持/主办 ∞ 联系 CTpolitician inflation Leader/head business work/employ treaty/agreement trilateral (三边的) Multiple(多边主义) country/state/nation outport 出口 Chairman/host fishery international/worldwide/ global/universal meeting/conference/negotiatioPZ Q 通货膨胀 T 领导人 B 商业 W 工作/职业 U 合同/协议 U 内填入 3 U 内填入 m □ 国家/民族/领土 Og Z° 主席、主持人 ∞ 捕鱼业 ○ 国际的/世界的/ 全球的as we all know/ as is known to all/as you have already heard ofEO 听到/众所周 n/seminar/discussion/symposiu 之 m J 开心/高兴/荣幸 unsatisfied/discomfort/ angry/sad total/totally/entire/entirely/on ∑ 总值/总数 the whole/all in all/to sum up lead g→ 到达/传达 to/result in/in the → 导致/引导 direction of be/come from/return/receive f← 自于 from ↗ 发射/投放市 develop/strengthen/promote/ ↑ 发展/加强/推进 场/发行 boost,/improve/enhance ups h↑ 上升 and downs/twists and << 波折 turns/roller coaster ←追溯到 L 生气/难过/悲伤/ 忧虑/不满 ⊙ 会议/开会pleasant/joyful/happy/excited /好现象 indifferent/apathetic/unconcern/ don’t care much go into/arrive at/give to/send to/present to come/go back to/originate O 漠不关心/无 动于衷launch/open/start up/upward/rise/increase/ arise/ascend5

submit to a match /rival /competitor/↓ 屈服 VS 对手exchange/mutual many/lots of/a great deal of/a good many of/plusn 交流 + 多/加之/加上/补 充 +3 多的最高级counterpart/against ++/+2 多的比较 more 级 little/few/lack/in short of/be in - 少/减去/除去 shortage of/minus bigger/larger/greater/more than/better than superior to/surpass among/within cross out/eliminate wonder/miracle/pay attesion to say/speak/talk/marks/ : 说/认为/希望 announce/declare right/good/famous/well-known stand up for/support/ agree with Y 同意 sb/certain/ affirmative *想法/重要的/优 thought 秀的 __ 强调程度 √ 对/正确/好的 > 大于/多于/好most about/around/or≈ 大约 so/approximately < 小于/少于/差于/ less/smaller 劣于 inferior to but yet however question/issue matchless/peerless end/stop/halt/bring sth to a ∥ 结束 standstill/stop wrong/incorrect/something × 错误/失误/坏 bad/notorious/negative not agree/disagree important/best/outstanding/ ☆ 重要的 brilliant  ̄ 在…的条件/情 under the circumstance 况下 N 不同意 ∨ 低 ∧ 转折 ? 问题/疑惑/难题 无敌于/优于 ∧高 ( ) 在...之间 / 否定/消除 !惊叹/特别注意very/extremely means/that is to say/in other=即/等于/相当于 words/the same as/be equal /同等 to and/together with/along &和/与 belong to be different from≠ 不同/不等于/不 相当/不是with/accompany/along with/further more∈ 属于6

basisof/perpendicular/is ⊥ …的基础therefore/so/as consequently ∵ 因为/由于/多 hear/listen 亏 @ 关于 H2O 2 w/ x ÷ ℃ % ‰ |.| ◎ ≡ 一直/总是/一 贯 / 或者 △ right angle parallel for without plus or minusaresult/∴ 所以/结果perpendicular to because/because of/due to about water to with times divided by degree percent per thousand between maintaining peace and stability: as always/hold on,/persist/ insist on On the other hand/or Representative/delegation/ delegation hills/mountain 山水之间 above/on/over table/desk/house/building/bed 在桌子下 ω山 ω∕∽ ~上加一点· ︹桌/凳/床/楼/房 ︹下加一短横○3 听说 // 4 w/o ± · · · ○ 0 θ △ () O ⊥(竖线为向下箭 头) ∟ ∽ 江河湖海水so on, etc, and so forth circle, circumference ellipse diameter triangle, delta inside/ within/include/ among, Empty pressure/influenceocean/sea/river/lake/brook/ stream climb the mountain before/beyond/in front of below/beneath/under 在椅子上 look/ look after/ look into/ investigate/witnessω 上加一点· · | ~下加一点· ︹上加一短横⊙资本主义 peace-keeping资’ 维p四个现代化 第三世界4m 3w7